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Ceramic Pro Marine

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Detail Kings NW is one of the few certified installers of Ceramic Pro Marine in the Seattle area.  Ceramic Pro Marine offers the greatest permanent protection available for your boat or RV.  Unlike wax & sealants, Ceramic Pro Marine will create a permanent bond with your gelcoat that can only be removed through abrasion. After Ceramic Pro Marine is applied, it will protect your boat from damage caused by oxidation, marine growth & dock-rash. You will no longer need to buff or wax your boat, just rinse & dry. Ceramic Pro Marine is also backed by a 3 year warranty for newer boats.

Ultimate Gloss & Shine – Keep the Clean Look

Once coated with Ceramic Pro your boat will stand out from all others. Ceramic Pro, unline wax, provides a permanent shine.



Starting at $120 per foot

Layer 1:
Ceramic Pro Marine  on gelcoat / paint above and below waterline, all interior surfaces, me
tals, vinyl.

Layer 2:
Ceramic Pro Marine on all gelcoat surfaces above waterline.

Layer 3:
Ceramic Pro Bravo on ALL gelcoat surfaces above waterline.

Ceramic Pro Squall

Single Layer Vinyl: Marine 


starting at $40 per foot

2 layers: Bravo on all gelcoat above the water line. 

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