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Boat Detailing

Detail Kings NW is one of the few certified installers of Ceramic Pro Marine in the Seattle area.  Ceramic Pro Marine offers permanent protection from oxidation, dock-rash etc.  Never wax your boat again! Learn more here

Cerami Pro Marine

Pricing & Services

Detailed Wash Only

  • Foam canon presoak

  • Detailed hand wash

  • Non-skid cleaned

  • Storage compartments detailed

Buff & Wax

  • Detailed wash

  • Gelcoat polished to a shine

  • Non-skid detailed & waxed

  • Layer of premium marine grade wax

  • Hand rails detailed

  • Rub rail detailed

  • Windows cleaned

Interior Boat Detailing

  • Detailed interior cleaning

  • Marine carpets cleaned

  • Non-skid cleaning

  • Vinyl seating detailed

  • Storage compartments cleaned

Gelcoat Restoration

  • Wet sanding (if needed)

  • Acid wash (if needed)

  • Heavy oxidation removed (compounding)

  • Scuffs, paint transfers, minor scratches removed

  • Gelcoat polished to a shine

  • Coat of marine grade wax applied to gelcoat

Ceramic Pro Marine

  • Creates. a permanent bond

  • Deep shine & extreme gloss

  • UV resistant

  • prevents oxidation from forming

  • Scratch, scuff & stain resistant

  • Hydrophobic self cleaning effect

  • Lasts for years & covered by warranty 

  • Self cleaning

  • Far outlasts every wax or sealant on the market

Graphics removal

  • Pinstripe removal

  • Boat name & graphics removal

  • Ghosting removal

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Pricing & Services

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